C&S Covers Construction from A to Z

When you choose C & S for your next GTA construction project, there’s no reason to link subcontractors together like a poorly connected Legos set.

Whether it’s plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, landscaping or any other typically sub-contracted service, C&S has the tradesman in-house to streamline building your home, office, room addition, garage, swimming pool, or any structure within either the residential or commercial realm.

This is a company with more than 40 years experience building beyond expectation, and ready to fulfill any residential, commercial, or industrial construction project.

Are you looking for a high quality custom home builder ?

We Help You Move or Improve

Looking for a new home across town, or need an addition to keep an enlarging family in its current residence, C&S Development, Inc., has the experience to meet any residential need as well as experience in commercial construction.

The decision to renovate or relocate is made easier by our detailed and expert financial analysis.

We have a portfolio featuring diverse architectural styles in top-quality residential construction that includes full landscaping and complete swimming pool installations, where desired. With all trades and services in-house, we eliminate middle-man complications and expense.

C&S can bring to life architectural plans you provide, or even refine and develop conceptual or stock plans. Or we can start from scratch; our powerful 3d modeling tools and other advanced technology provide conceptualized designs with detailed floor plans.

3D allows exploring design options that can be rapidly reconfigured with enhanced accuracy in specifying necessary materials. In addition to floor plans, elevations, section views, exterior topography that includes trees and roadways and even the effects of sunlight and shading provided by foliage throughout seasonal changes are created in the 3D model.

Many times, however, families like their neighborhood, don’t want to change schools, or prefer the financial feasibility of expanding and improving their existing home.

Seamless integration into an existing structure, or a full updating of systems and finishes is a key determinant in building an addition or renovating existing space, often economically preferable to moving. If there’s a way to meet your needs while maintaining surrounding aesthetics, we’ll find the most cost-effective solution.

We supply the surveyors, civil and structural engineers and other experts to assess your existing house in planning modifications.
Regardless of project type, count on C&S for the design or build or both that provides the house that is truly your dream home.