Design or Build or Both

The advantage of designer and builder under the same roof is much more than familiarity with an office location for meetings. First, the designer and contractor have vast experience with one another. Teamwork stipends efficiency. As part of the same company also, there’s never a dispute over ultimate responsibility. There can also be cost savings since companies that both design and build are generally larger enterprises and thus are more likely to enjoy large-expenditure discounts. On any particular project, any or all of these may play significant roles. Nonetheless, clients sometimes have reasons for desiring specific firms or professionals for one or the other portion of the project. C&S Development, Inc., can be contracted for either or both roles, offering every advantage for whatever your situation.

Questions for Contractors

Contractor capabilities, specialties, expertise, staff size, and project log vary widely and thus so does suitability for your project. When looking for a “fit,” you’ll find that C&S Development, Inc., accommodates a broad range; nevertheless, here are issues to discuss during the interview process with any contractor:
·      How many years has your company been in business?
·      What projects similar to mine have you completed?
·      May we contact references, particularly those whose project is similar?
·      What percentage of the work is conducted by company employees?
·      What is the experience of the project manager you can assign to my project?
·      Who will be my point of contact?
·      How will I be kept informed of progress?

There are likely more questions, specific to your project. The key rule is that whatever comes to mind, ask about. At C&S Development, Inc., our satisfaction depends on your happiness and it’s our goal to initiate every project with a clear understanding.

Your Dream Home Is Conceivable and Achievable

Many luxury homes on the market embody beauty, comfort, charm and someone else’s vision – not your own. At C&S Development, Inc., our utmost priority is making your dream home blossom from your mind into the terra firma.

Building instead of buying sets your senses free to reign over every detail. There is no aspect of a dream home that won’t reflect your unique tastes and preferences.

But dreams morph into nightmares when an uncooperative or unqualified contractor is in the mix.

Your Plan Development Partner

You can buy home-building plans off the Internet. But like fingerprints, it won’t truly reflect your unique characteristics and many features will be comprises or deficiencies for which you’ve settled.

Designers from C&S Development, Inc., regularly assess the heartfelt desires of clients. They’ve guided numerous families from start to finish, steering the plan away form unintended consequences, witnessing the dream unfold, sensing the joy of crafting a home that stands as the pinnacle personal material achievement.

True, a home is comprised of people but a house constructed with aesthetic appeal and efficient functionality can help enhance interpersonal relationships. It can be light and breezy to uplift mood, or logistically sound for efficient maneuverability and proper flow.

Conquering Complicated Decisions

Your designer is a sounding board for the size of house you need, or the resale value you wish to maintain. The designer seems ramifications not visible to the amateur eye; perhaps lot orientation or where to place the swimming pool or an outdoor kitchen.

A knowledgeable designer lays out the pros and cons of construction materials, typically a choice of wood, cement block or brick. The designer coordinates with decorators on fit, finishes, and design features that suit both needs, tastes, and – most critically — budget.

A C&S designer will address landscaping concerns – where to plant to allow growth, or placing trees that create canopies while their root system causes no harm to utilities or the sewer system, and the placement of ground cover to protect against erosion.

At C&S, your dream can truly become reality – with our help

A designer helps you think through whether to put all bedrooms on one side of the house, or if mom and dad would prefer a little privacy.